Zeritu Kebede’s response to the incident

Response to the incident from Zeritu Kebede. In the just-finished fiscal year 2021/22, the nation made $1.4 billion from the export of 300,000 tons of coffee to the global market. The Authority said that, in addition to steps intended to thwart illegal trade, the sale of Ethiopian coffee under its own label (label), along with an increase in production and quality, has led to a sales industry record.

In Japan, officials were able to file a national trademark, and they are working to do the same in Europe and the US. Adugna Debela (Ph.D.), director general of ETCA, informed the Ethiopian Herald that the amount was 20% higher than the previous time. We develop a distinctive approach to the worldwide market by selling coffee through negotiation as opposed to selling coffee based on supply, it was said.

According to Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority, the country intends to boost its yearly coffee export to 360,000 tons and earn 1.8 billion US dollars this year.

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