Zemedikun Bekel’s Review Of Ethiopian Orthodox Church

The Trios — St. Luke Lutheran Church, St. George Ukrainian Church, and St. Mary Greek Orthodox Church — in these blessed localities have also helped you until you are able to stand up on your own two feet by establishing your own new Church, the Debre Berhan St. Ourael Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church, just as the Twin Cities (in Minnesota, USA) have graciously welcomed you to settle among their communities peacefully. May God bless those who have been so kind to you lately!

One of the biggest accomplishments a person can do in life is to live in a distant nation, support one’s own family, compete with a new civilization that is alien to most of us Ethiopians, fight against a new culture, and maintain one’s own tradition, religion, and custom in his life time.

Members of the Debre Berhan St. Ourael Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church have been patiently waiting to find their own place of worship. Now that the Almighty has heard their fervent prayers and provided them with a location and church where they can worship him together, they must be jubilant and at ease in their new church.

One of the oldest Christian denominations in the world, the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church has triumphantly navigated its way through many difficult periods in its long Christian history, including those of Gragn Ahmad, Ate Susinios, Judith-Gudit, Lij Iyasu, and, of course, the Romans’ five-year occupation of Ethiopia. The Church valiantly resisted such outside and domestic invaders.

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