Zebiba Girma won the Bloomberg Bicycle Infrastructure Initiative Award

The Bloomberg Bicycle Infrastructure Initiative Award went to Addis Abeba. One of the ten cities selected for the Bloomberg Initiative for Cycling Infrastructure (BICI) programme is Addis Abeba. Ten cities won the competition after 275 cities from 5 continents submitted proposals.

Ethiopia, Brazil, India, Italy, Albania, New Zealand, Portugal, Colombia, Kenya, and Mozambique are among the nations that participated in the Bloomberg Initiative and won. The efforts made by Addis Abeba City to construct the longest bicycle street in Africa and the plan it put forth to build on this success in the future made it the winner. In this project, which aims to stop climate change and give people more transport options, Addis Abeba will receive $400,000 in funding. In addition to financial support, it is stated that the winning cities will also receive technical support. Cities will use Bloomberg Initiative funding to construct bike lanes to enhance resident health and safety and advance environmentally friendly transportation.

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