You are wasting your time if you receive any of these eight texts from him

Many contend that aspects of contemporary datings, such as texting and instant messaging, make relationships challenging. However, they have improved communication and allowed for the early detection of many telltale signs of the course a relationship is headed. In light of this, when you first start dating, the way someone texts or messages you might reveal a lot about their feelings for you. Here are eight texting habits that are never acceptable and should cause a guy to stop contacting you. One-word comments are obviously not sincere expressions of emotion. However, infatuation can make us gullible and push the limits in order to get a reaction. If all he sends you are “lol,” “What’s up,” or strange emotions, he isn’t truly into you. Don’t raise it by answering “yes,” “no,” or “ok” to his requests. If he doesn’t reply when you text him repeatedly, stop doing so. At the start of a relationship, people aren’t too busy to ignore messages for long stretches of time. He probably just doesn’t care about you and is leaving you hanging by saying he’s busy so he can keep his options open and escape responsibilities.

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