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Why not wash your face in the morning? and the negative effects of facial soap

What if we told you that skipping a morning face wash would be preferable for you? You’d definitely think we were crazy, don’t you? It goes against what the majority of us believe to be a healthy skin care regimen, which includes frequently cleansing our skin to remove oils, pollution, and pore-clogging debris. However, a break from bathing your skin may be advantageous. It allows your skin the chance to heal and create the protective moisture barrier that it naturally possesses, which we commonly try to duplicate with moisturizers. Time can also be saved through it. If you take care of your skin at night, all of your skin’s “healing job” will be finished as you sleep. β€œ You don’t need to wash your face because the environment doesn’t contain any perspiration, oil, or grime. Why would you want to immediately wash it all away with a face wash after waking up when your skin has worked so hard all night to forge its own protective natural barrier from the outside world (a layer of healthy oils keeps skin soft)? Face cleansing in the morning can harm your skin’s natural defenses. It will then try to put it back together for the rest of the day.

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