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Why massaging your feet is beneficial

We are all aware of the calming effects of a fast foot massage, particularly after a long day of standing and walking, which makes our feet swell. Yes, it’s enjoyable for everyone, but does it really have any benefits, save a little relaxation and some pain relief? There are several massage techniques, each of which makes a specific health claim. Aromatherapy uses scented oils and calming music to add an additional element of relaxation by acting upon multiple senses. Reflexology works to improve internal organ function by massaging specific areas of the feet. Acupressure works on specific pressure points to improve general health and energy flow. Traditional treatment methods focus on muscles and joints as the main targets. There are many, often absurd, claims made about the advantages of a simple massage, but there isn’t much evidence to support them. We’ll examine a few of the benefits of foot massage that have been shown by research. Even with just two to three weekly sessions, you can start to feel these benefits right away or after a few weeks. Because of our primarily sedentary lifestyles, we are not used to frequently using our muscles. The muscles in the foot receive relatively little exercise from uncomfortable, tight shoes, and circulation is frequently impeded. A 10-to-20-minute massage before bed can greatly improve circulation in the lower limbs, which is essential for diabetes.

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