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Why Fans Get Angry at the Renown Tiktoker?

Interview with Lawyer Ayalew Bitane. Tiktokera action that angered many! Give her hand to the police to escape from Debo’s sentence! Lawyer Ayalew Bitane. Life was going well for the thirty-ish couple. He, a highly paid accountant; she, a cosmetic shop owner in the affluent Bole area; a spacious multiple-room villa and a couple of cars.

It was like the only thing they had to say was “Open Sesame!” and the mountain of gold just cascaded into their laps! Then the DV lottery happened!
Ayalew Bitane, a lawyer, is interviewed. Angry Tiktokera action by many! Give her hand to the cops so she can avoid serving Debo’s punishment! Ayalew Bitane, a lawyer. For the couple, who were around thirty, life was good. He was a well-paid accountant; she ran a cosmetics store in the affluent Bole neighborhood; they owned a large villa with several rooms; and they had two cars. It seemed as though all they needed to say was “Open Sesame!” to have a pile of gold fall into their laps! The DV lottery then took place!

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