Who Is The Luckiest Guy To Get Married To Singer And Actress Zebiba Girma?

The wedding of Adey drama actress Zebiba was prominently featured by several musicians. According to Khalil, Ethiopia has a wide variety of wedding customs because it is a multicultural nation. Families are still significant in every aspect of the wedding despite the fact that there are numerous distinct types of customs among the more than 80 ethnic groups in the nation.

In the past, your parents chose your spouse; today, you get to make that decision. However, families still play a crucial role in wedding planning. The morning of the wedding day is when the Shimagelay ceremony takes place. Older members of the groom’s family are sent to the bride’s home to make the proposal for marriage. The older individuals discuss the groom’s background, his upbringing, and his positive traits. By giving her money, emotional support, and spiritual counseling, they hope to prove to the bride’s parents that he can take care of her.

Khalil uttered these words. Usually, the bride’s family won’t open the door for guests. Before the groom was let inside the house, there was an amusing altercation. He presents the bride with a gift as soon as he arrives. The group then dances, has some Ethiopian coffee, shares a communal meal, and departs for the ceremony. “We enjoy documenting this phase of the wedding through photography. One of our favorite things, according to Ogunfemi. In the Harari tradition, people present sweets to the bride’s family as a gift when they want to get engaged.

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