What’s New About The Black Lion Hospital’s Nurse?

The nurse who managed to survive after throwing herself from the sixth floor explained her motivation.
In order to develop the Africa we want, it will “provide visibility for people in front of and behind the camera doing their part,” Richer continued. The collection’s recommendations will contain sections on “Our Music, Our Culture, Our History,” “Award-Winners & Critics’ Favorites,” and “Other Stories.”
Tales from the African Diaspora, “Love Across the Continent,” and “African Women Behind the Camera.”

Major international movies and television shows including Meet the Adebanjos, African Doctor, Shine Your Eyes, and others will also be included, all of which showcase the skills of people of African heritage. Netflix has made investments in fostering African talent through content creation and skill- and capacity-building projects, according to Ben Amadasun, the company’s Director of Content for Africa.

Now, he continued, “we are commemorating these stories and storytellers through a new collection named ‘From Cape to Cairo’ in May 2022. This is because we want to enrich the narrative of Africa beyond the confines of the continent to our worldwide audiences.

Beside the new Netflix collection, the business will also debut a brand-new podcast titled Never Late | African Time on May 4, 2022. This podcast will feature some of Africa’s top cinema and television artists discussing various facets of the creative industry that have an impact on their craft.

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