What transpired to comedian Eshetu on his visit to the Gurage Zone

Eshetu Melese is a renowned Ethiopian comedian and TV personality who has achieved popularity in the country’s entertainment sector. His stand-up comedy and YouTube performances have made him the most well-known person. Eshetu’s wit and quips in his stand-up routines consistently make the audience

laugh out. Anything he says or does draws laughter from his audience. Eshetu has no trouble telling laugh-out-loud jokes that his audience can’t help but join in on. Due to his impressive performance, the gifted comedian took Dereje and Habte’s place as the top two comedians. Eshetu’s jokes are political and entertaining beyond their amusing themes. Through the blending of many social and political themes in his jokes, he raises the awareness of his audience.

Eshetu never makes fun of gendered or racially specific identities, in contrast to many other humorists.
Instead, through his gags, he skewers and criticizes several ethnic wars and nationalist political elites.
Eshetu Melese was born in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa. But after his father passed away, Eshetu and his mother relocated to Adama, Ethiopia. He was born and raised in Adama, where he also finished high school. Eshetu graduated from Addis Ababa University with a degree in theater arts after completing high school.

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