“What is the most crucial fact about men that women should know..” Ekram

The Beatitudes, or blessings, included in Jesus’ longest and best-known lecture, the Sermon on the Mount, all share the underlying idea that God is more interested in our hearts and what we genuinely want from life. Contrary to other religions, Christianity depicts a God who not only loves us without conditions but who also longs to get to know us, spend time with us, and show us grace and love that we can never return. Because Jesus continuously urges us to approach Him throughout the Bible, we are aware of this. In Matthew 11:28, Jesus says, “Come to me, all you who labor and are heavily laden, and I will give you rest.” Jesus longs for us to put our life in His hands and sincerely seek Him in both good and bad circumstances. Our minds frequently gravitate toward sobriety, abstinence, or living a clean life when we are presented with the concept of purity. These purities are external, even if they do characterize purity. Jesus again demonstrates His concern for the state of our hearts when He uses the phrase “pure in heart,” which refers to internal chastity. Jesus does not waste time talking to our exterior lives because He understands that our souls must change first. Our actions, behaviors, and lives outside of our bodies will all alter when we go through this heart transition. In order for our actions to reflect and produce these things, Jesus wants us to really pursue the things that bring Him joy. As soon as we choose to follow Jesus and let Him into our hearts, He begins to transform us. Because of our love for Him, we shall aspire to know Him and live in line with His will.

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