What Is New About The Legendary Ethiopian Vocalist GiGi?

A 6-kilometer underground telecom fibre cable tunnel in Addis Abeba was opened, according to a photo uploaded on social media by Taddios Wolde. As a citizen, he demanded that the appropriate entity adopt the required protection and safeguards to prevent damage to the infrastructure corridors where such significant expenditures have been invested in light of the recent arrests of numerous individuals in connection with theft.

Mr. Taddios also made it clear that people shouldn’t congregate in the alleged site of the issue, but doing our part to safeguard the nation’s wealth in our individual locales. We also heard from a social media follower who suggested that open sewer lines and transmission lines for telecom and power should be closed with screws that are difficult to remove because it is winter. Like Taddios Wolde, each of you ten should take a screenshot of the facts your presenter noticed, shocked you with, or thought was helpful, and email it to ABC.

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