What Is New About The Abducted Teenage?

The 14-year-old girl’s family is hoping for her safe return on Monday after she was kidnapped in Hawassa City. He claims that three people have had a significant impact on who he is today. “My mother, sister, and wife helped shape who I am today. My mother helped me develop my character, my sister pushed me to pursue a college education, and my wife supported me in both life and business, he told EBR. To assist the communities in which WARYT operates, Legesse founded a new division within the company called Corporate Social Development Services.

He was motivated to take this action because he loves his family dearly and wants to do good in the world. Some positive outcomes from this project include helping rural communities.

Free massages are being provided by a business called WARYT Ceragem using a unique method called thermal massage. For people to use this service, centres have been set up across the nation. The courage method reportedly helped those with paralysis and nerve problems when it was introduced to Ethiopia in 2005.

By stimulating the nerves, the courage bed can aid in the body’s recovery. It can also restore the body’s strength. Legesse claims that WARYT Ceragem has provided free medical care to more than five million people from all over Ethiopia. He began providing the services because, like when he was before, he wanted to aid others who were ill.

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