What Is New About Rapper Lij Michel And Actress Etsehiwot

Our attention was drawn to the recent change in Etsehiwot and Lij Michael’s social media interaction. Before recently, they never left comments on each other’s Instagram posts. The fact that both individuals visited Arbaminch in February and posted a picture about their visit to their respective accounts strengthens our suspicions.

In the days that followed, Lij Michael told a story in which he is seen arming a woman. Even though we couldn’t see her entire face, the woman shared Etsehiwot’s physical characteristics. Lij Michael also added a Queen emoji to a comment on a picture Etse shared from Arbaminch. As events develop, we will provide updates. In the days or months to come, we will confirm whether they are actually dating or not. If they have already made the decision to see each other, we wish them both happiness.

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