What images do you have in mind when you consider Valentine’s Day?

Maybe you’re the sort who lives for pink hearts, long-stemmed roses, and satin-wrapped chocolate boxes. Or maybe you just wish the day would finish so you could stop watching the nauseating love parade. Perhaps you think that males spend February 14 in blissful ignorance and that only women think about Valentine’s Day. You would be mistaken about that. Valentine’s Day can be a fun time for some people to celebrate their relationship and their partner’s love. On this day, others are reminded that they are single. Dating is hampered by a number of issues during COVID, which makes it more difficult to connect with others and build new relationships at a time when people are already feeling particularly alone and alienated. Without all of these additional stresses, dating is already challenging, so individuals looking for love must be more flexible, frustrated, tolerant, and patient. Remind yourself that dating is more difficult now and that the evolution of normal social interactions and channels is not your fault.
Avoid social media on Valentine’s Day and steer clear of romantic comedies.
Consider the fortunate situations you have in your life.
Engage in offline or online social activities that strengthen your sense of community and help you feel at ease. Try something fun for yourself that has nothing to do with Valentine’s Day. Reframe Valentine’s Day as an everyday event without special meaning or significance.

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