What caused Madingo to phone Seifu just before he died?

Worku Mamo, a friend of Madingo’s, was unable to contain his sorrow. That was the reason Madingo called Seifu just before he died. Under normal conditions, friendships typically start out with good intentions. Usually, a common ground is used to build these ties. We share an interest in the same TV show, similar musical genres, and pastimes. Friendships are probably less demanding and are built on people enjoying themselves with others, but as the proverb goes, “He can’t play for 20 years with 20 friends.” Sometimes, friends develop together. The beauty of friendship includes working together on projects. Some of the small pleasures of having friends include cooking together, collaborating on a semester project, or going on weekend adventures. However, difficulties in daily life are a given. A friendship can terminate because of moving for a job, marriage, travel, or any other reason. There is no shortage of love between friends around the globe, yet this separation sometimes hinder communication. In the end, friendships might dissolve if too much time has gone or if too many occasions have occurred without a once-loved colleague. Friends are of immense value. A positive step toward happiness can be taken by having someone to laugh with, talk to about life’s mysteries with, and depend on in your darkest moments. keeps in place 2 Losing a buddy can cause excruciating pain. There is no longer anyone you can count on to come through for you. We do a few things to cope with this loss.

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