We’re not sure how we’d make it through this.

Have you ever gone through a very difficult situation that was beyond your comprehension and maintained your faith that God was executing His divine plan? greater than anything your mind has ever been able to comprehend. In Genesis, we are taught about God’s divine purpose to establish his mighty country, and how God might employ the cruel treatment of a young man as a tool in that goal. Never forget that we receive eternal life when we become God’s children. The lesson we learned today provides us hope when we encounter difficulties in life and demonstrates how God could use those difficulties to grow us, make us more mature, and be of service to others. Every true story that can be found in God’s Word has a lesson that can be used. This true story can be found in Genesis 39–45. When Joseph was very young, his jealous brothers sold him to some traffickers on the pretext that their father had been killed by some animals. The traffickers gave Joseph to Potiphar, the wealthy captain of the king of Egypt’s guard. Joseph continued to pray to and put his faith in the God of his father, Jacob, as a devoted servant of the Lord. Soon, Joseph was in charge of all affairs at Potiphar’s house.

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