Weird Features Of Our Celebrities

The Ethiopian President, Sahileworke Zewde, who recently paid a visit to India, spends four to eight hours per day in front of the television and feels awkward if she isn’t the focus of international news! A recent biography of Mark Zuckerberg alleged that the Facebook founder and CEO had his communications team blow-dry his underarms prior to important speeches and events.

They are just two of the numerous famous people, from politicians to businesspeople to those in the entertainment industry, who have distinctive quirks and oddities that set them apart. Some of these tendencies are routines rather than merely flaws. The Friends star Jennifer Aniston has been quoted as saying, “I always have to step into an airplane with my right foot first and tap the outside of the aircraft.

I’ve done it consistently. for good luck Before all of his events, musician and actor Sting makes sure that all of his bodyguards are dressed in the identical T-shirts and jackets, probably for the same purpose. Before entering a stage, Daler Mehndi downs a liter of milk. All of them are, essentially, coping methods.

According to psychologist Dr. Nisha Khanna, “People get excited during presentations and interviews. When a politician is criticized or his remarks refuted during live television appearances, I occasionally see that he begins to perspire significantly and raises his voice. Others become agitated and fiddle with the pen or piece of paper they are holding.

Some people experience emotion. In the middle of reading a letter from her father on stage at an awards ceremony, Deepika Padukone started crying. According to Dr. Nisha, some people have trouble choosing what to wear to significant events and end up calling family and friends for advice.

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