We wish Melat and Mikias a happy marriage


God has gradually revealed to me that He is the source of peace and that we can receive it into our lives by spending time with Him in prayer and studying His Word. In one way or another, we’ve all experienced the negative effects of confrontation. Conflict includes shouting, yelling, and bickering. When someone gives you “the silent treatment” and remains absolutely silent, for example, it can be overt. From my perspective, an angry undercurrent may be the deadliest kind of conflict because it’s more difficult to detect. It’s there; you can sense it in the environment. Nobody wants to discuss anything that seems strange, even if you can sense it. Even if nothing specific is spoken, it is still clear that something is off.
In the early years of our marriage, I learned the ability to argue with my husband, Dave, without saying a word. I used to spend my entire Saturdays stomping through the house cleaning every inch of it while completely unaware of him. Thank god Dave was a peacemaker and had the self-control to ignore my outbursts!

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