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You can tell someone likes you when they do something wrong.
Someone who prefers keeping their feelings for someone hidden is typically the first to ask for forgiveness during a quarrel. Be aware that this is merely a precaution to stop them from harming your connection, not a sign of weakness. Furthermore, they don’t want to witness your sadness because it can make them feel the same way. We all go through envy in our relationships at some point. One sign that someone is trying to hide their emotions from you is jealousy. Then you could wonder why someone who hasn’t showed interest in you becomes jealous when they see you with other guys. It’s simple. They are hesitant to date you because they want you to resemble the person with whom they are flirting. In other words, they want to have their cake and drink it too. One sign that someone is repressing their feelings for you is when they prefer to keep quiet around you and don’t express their emotions. They merely wish to observe and hear from you while you conduct your business. When they do speak, it will be to inquire about how you are doing. They grow uptight around you as well, and since they are preoccupied with thinking about you, they forget what they were going to say. Even if they regularly have 100% confidence, it drops to 5% when they see you. One feeling that is mentally repressed is the fear of rejection. People may try to suppress their feelings out of concern that if they are open about how they feel, you won’t accept their offer. When they are unsure of your feelings for them, it is even harder.

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