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The adage “Treat others as you would like to be treated” is known as the “Golden Rule.” We learn early on that being kind is necessary for survival. When we are kind to one another, we make one another feel good and we make the world a better place. But did you know that being kind to others can also be good for your own mental health? In the same way that doing good things makes other people happy, being nice also helps us feel good. Even while we should approach being nice as a way to be good to others as well as ourselves, it is nevertheless helpful to be conscious of this truth. While you are dealing with depression or any other mental health issue, being nice may be the key to conquering it. Your brain releases feel-good chemicals when you are compassionate, triggering the reward system. These drugs have the power to neutralize unpleasant emotions while enhancing happy ones. In addition to making you feel better, they might also help with any physical pain you are feeling. Because of these responses, you’ll be more likely to do similar acts of kindness, which will boost your sense of self-worth and help your overall mental health. Additionally, compassion for others enhances interpersonal interactions. Being kind to someone increases their likelihood of returning the favor, strengthening your relationship and building a stronger support system for both of you. In addition to the friendship, your act of kindness might inspire them to show kindness to others, spreading the love and positive energy.

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