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Use a magnet face mask to achieve baby-like skin

One of my favorite pastimes is searching the internet for new, weird, or just plain bizarre cosmetic trends, so when I came across magnetic face masks, I was immediately fascinated. I’ve now seen pretty much every face mask, even the disgusting butt and placenta masks. If there’s one thing I’ve discovered, it’s that gimmicks abound in the beauty sector. I chose to conduct research on these enigmatic iron particles to determine whether this would be one of them. Simple but intriguing science: The clarifying effect of these masks is achieved by the iron particles’ generation of a microcurrent when a magnetic tool is held over top of them. The delicate “pull” to deep clean leaves behind debris inside the pore, which improves the penetration of therapies applied later. My skin was more than prepared to put the mask’s claims of decreasing inflammation and cleaning the pores to the test because it is very sensitive, mixed, and prone to acne in addition to having a nasty case of maskne. My favorite magnetic face mask eliminated impurities and excess oil, revealing smooth, vibrant, and youthful-looking skin. It also has 24 different kinds of minerals that protect the skin because it incorporates Dead Sea mud. When I first tried this, I was so eager to succeed that I overlooked the no-water rule (you’re not supposed to use water to clean off the magnet), leaving me with a seriously supercharged mess. This mask is made of iron particles, therefore the combination of iron and water in my sink would cause rust, which was not ideal.

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