Unique individuals that hold World Guinness Records

Humans are the only animals that are truly unique in any way. Because of our special physical characteristics and abilities, such as our enormous brains and opposable thumbs, we have been able to dramatically change our planet and even leave it. Additionally, we have unusual characteristics that, well, set us apart from other animals. What genuinely distinguishes us, then? Some of the things we take for granted may surprise you. Each of us has a unique quality, but some more so than others. Some people have distinctive traits that are unlike anything most of us have ever seen since nature is so inventive. As a result, we are constantly amazed by the beauty and uniqueness we see in some people. Here are 18 persons that reveled in exposing their mysterious characteristics to the public in light of this. We have no doubt that they make some of us envious, and they are very proud of them. In all seriousness, this condition is also referred to as cat-eye syndrome or coloboma. The fact that the guy can see more clearly in the dark than most people can is awesome because he despises bright lights.

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