Unbelievable Traditional Wedding Ceremony

In the course of human existence, positions are regularly changed. Rituals are performed while things are changing. The rite of passage is one of these rituals. A person’s ascent through the social levels is commemorated through this customary event. Marriage is one of life’s rites of passage. The woman’s children are recognized as the legitimate offspring of both parents. It entails the union of a man and a woman. The rings are blessed during the betrothal ceremony in Eastern Orthodox weddings. After reciting blessings and Bible texts, the priest makes the sign of the cross while holding the rings and declaring the engagement.

While holding the wedding rings in his hands, the priest is permitted to press the bride and groom’s foreheads three times each. The priest, or koumbaros, then alternates the rings three times between the couple’s fingers to represent that one will make up for the flaws of the other. Due to the right hand’s long and symbolic history in the church, the third finger is traditionally where the rings are placed. 

During the ring exchange, the priest gives the couple lit candles to hold in their left hands throughout theceremony.The couple’s readiness to receive God’s gifts on a spiritual level is symbolized by the flaming flames. The priest also unites the couple’s right hands while praying for their union. The bride and groom continue to hold hands throughout the ceremony as a symbol of their union.

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