Two brothers working on a new theater

Two brothers, Tesfu and Million, are sharing a stage in a brand-new theater. When we are together, my brother and I can always finish one other’s sentences and recount inside jokes with only a single word or phrase. In essence, we communicate via a secret language. This may help to explain why I enjoy stories that emphasize the amazing relationship that exists between siblings. Consider the serendipitous meeting that brought Isaac Nolting and Dakotah Zimmer back together. The two brothers were estranged as newborns but became drawn to one another when they crossed paths more than ten years later. The event took place on a humid June day. Isaac, 12, went to the Washington, Missouri, community pool where he frequently went to cool off. But on that particular day, Dakotah, a 13-year-old friend of a friend, came into the picture. It might be said that Dakotah and Isaac got along well. One of their acquaintances even made the joke that the two boys acted like brothers. What if, on second thought, it wasn’t a joke at all? When Isaac and Dakotah compared their traits, they discovered an astonishing resemblance. According to reports, they even had a similar gait and had the same nose and hair. Additionally, they had similar speech patterns and senses of humor. Just before going to bed that night, Isaac discussed the matter with his mother.

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