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Before visiting any dealership, be aware of the down payment and monthly payments you can make. It also helps to do some research on the various vehicle loans that are available to decide what you qualify for. As an alternative, think about using a service like AutoGravity, which enables you to select terms and rates that fit your spending limit before receiving offers from lenders. It can also be helpful to know your credit score. It may help you negotiate a fair deal and save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, according to Justin Lavelle, chief communications officer for BeenVerified. “Having a good understanding of your credit report, credit score, and the interest rates available can help you save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars,” he adds.

Compare car costs at numerous dealerships using internet tools to acquire invoice and deal prices. The Kelley Blue Book is a reliable source. Use the site’s automotive value tool to receive a car’s MSRP, dealer invoice, and a range of pricing you might expect to see at dealerships. Using TrueCar is also advantageous. For price queries, any vehicle of any year, make, or model is available. Even though you might soon start getting a plethora of calls, emails, and texts from dealers, having information from several dealerships may enable you to haggle for a better value. Visit dealer websites as well to look for rebate offers.

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