Tigi got a request on her show

Words boost you if your preferred method of expression is positive affirmation. It makes you pleased when someone expresses love, support, and appreciation to you. You may be bothered for a very long time by criticism and unkind remarks.
Anything your partner does out of kindness for you is a sign that they care about you. You feel appreciated when your partner makes breakfast for you or vacuums before you get there. On the other hand, being reliable or unmotivated can make you feel insignificant. A considerate gift will let you know that you are treasured when you show your affection in this way. The converse is true in regards to generic gifts and missing holidays. After a challenging day, receiving your favorite snack could satisfy this love language; it does not have to be materialistic. Nothing makes you feel more loved than getting someone’s undivided attention. The presence of your buddy provides you with a sense of importance (and not on their phone). If someone isn’t paying attention to what you’re saying or if long stretches pass without one-on-one interaction, you could feel unwelcome. Holding hands, kisses, hugs, and other forms of physical contact are your preferred ways of showing and receiving love. While healthy physical interaction can make you feel cozy and secure, physical neglect can lead to conflict with your partner.

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