Those who got married were heard by their children

A common fantasy is being married to your best buddy. That holy matrimony between the closest friends is a fairy tale wedding. Make friends before you fall in love, as the saying goes. and that the foundation of happy marriages is friendship. It’s possible that you overheard someone tell you how they married their best friend, or perhaps that you came up with the idea yourself. I didn’t marry my best friend, and therefore I wouldn’t say that many people do. When my wife and I were married, we weren’t best friends, but we were close. In reality, we were probably better friends before our relationship turned serious. Despite a slight change in the chemistry, I’m happy to report that our friendship has finally returned. Here are three ways to make your desire to wed your best buddy come true. This implies that your marriage and the way you interact with your partner now will change over the next five to ten years. Over time, there will be many changes in your partnership. However, your love for one another will grow over time, just as a plant grows when given care and attention. As we teach our kids how to make friends and network, we emphasize the importance of being friendly. If you are friendly yourself, you will attract other pleasant people. Our marriages follow the same principle. You almost always get back what you put into a marriage. If we want to be married to our best friends, we must behave like the friends we want our wives to behave as well. If we want our spouses to listen to us, we need to pay attention to them. If we want our wives to prioritize our needs as well, we should put their needs first.

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