This characterizes you as a sensible woman.

If you want to create a life with a personal purpose that inspires and encourages you, you must first think that it is possible. Think about a wise woman you personally know. What, in your view, qualifies her as wise? She may be prudent, gracious, giving, loving, nurturing, self-restraint, kind, content, financially aware, generous, a teacher, a mentor, a devoted friend, a lover of God, etc. Whether they are in novels or movies or in real life, strong, intelligent women have always attracted and inspired me. When I was young and well into my teen and young adult years, I aspired to be like figures like Nancy Drew, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Anne of Green Gables, and many more. When I was younger, I admired women who had self-assurance, determination, intelligence, independence, creativity, and security. We have been trained to believe there is a deficiency. As a result, we typically believe that there are limited opportunities to find real love, are compelled to fight for jobs and money, impose rigid time constraints, and set hard deadlines. In light of this sense of restriction, what do you believe is achievable for you? What would you do if you knew that life was prepared to give you the resources you needed to accomplish your objectives? Think about those questions for however long you need to. It’s time to let go of these unjustified restrictions and adopt an attitude of potential.

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