Things You Should Know About Former Model And Actress Mekdes Tsegay

‘Yeater Wof Atesmash’ programme from Mekdes Tsegaye, a former model and actress. Although some people may not appreciate or care about art, local artists think that it can boost the nation’s standing abroad. It follows that as artists become well-known, viewers from all around the world want to see their work as well as the creators themselves.

When Meskerem mentioned that many had phoned to visit her art centre so they could see her designs and get to know her, she brought up this topic. If you purchase art at the proper time, you can make a lot of money. It goes beyond culture alone. A picture can sell for a lot of money—millions of dollars—in the vast world of buying and selling things. Additionally, its value increases over time. If individuals wish to purchase it, contemporary art can bring in money for a nation.

A nation’s economy can benefit from art by generating more revenue. In many cities in Europe and North America, art plays a significant role. People can view and purchase art in upscale locations in these cities. Famous art galleries in major cities like Paris, Rome, and New York host special art exhibitions with extremely well-known artists that draw crowds. This increases interest in travelling to and spending money in these cities.

China and Taiwan are seeing an increase in art tourism, according the UK-based publication The Independent. People engage in tourism when they travel to a place to view the freshly produced, distinctive, and culturally rich art. According to The Independent, some nations choose to display their artwork in public spaces so that more people may see it and enhance the appearance of the area. More tourists bring in more revenue and boost the number of jobs in a nation.

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