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Things never to do while taking a shower

Not simply the potential consequences of spending some quality time in the shower with your lover, however. Unbelievably, you put your safety in danger each time you go into the bathroom to remove the steam. To avoid hurt and shame, refrain from performing these wet movements. Avoid using computers and video games, hand-washing dishes, hardwired phones, showers, and other home chores. Cooper explains that lightning might enter your pipes from a power wire or the ground. Even if it is far from your home, the dose is still sufficient to shock you and destroy any electronics. A study from the University of Colorado in Boulder finds over one-third of showerheads contain potentially dangerous germs. That is because they have a lot of cracks that are ideal for bacteria to live in. Even though you can clean them with bleach, the bacteria will eventually come back. High-efficiency showerheads create aerosol, which is water that generally contains hazardous bacteria and can go deep into your lungs, which is another problem. To use a single stream of water, remove the showerhead totally or use one that imitates rain. Loofahs are great for exfoliating and removing dead skin, but they are also contaminated with bacteria. Once a week, you ought to wash yours, either in the dishwasher or by soaking it in mild vinegar. Squeeze it out after a shower and hang it up as much as you can to dry. If you choose to use a washcloth instead, make sure to clean it once each week as well.

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