They reconnected, and he promised that they would never again be apart

Negewo and Yenenesh got back in touch. Asrat Fana remembers, “Those were the years when I spent ten years pretty comfortably living in Ethiopia without having a work.” His declaration of love for Ethiopia is sincere and passionate. He does, however, seem to be in good health. He asserts that he is content with his life and surroundings right now. He highlights his concern about the contemporary, widening racial division, which has constitutional roots, in his message about loving one another. Later, a band of criminals causing mayhem in Addis Abeba’s neighborhood captured Balahu and held him captive. The tallest individual to have ever lived is without a doubt Berhe Gashu, also known as the Illinois Giant and the Alton Giant. Our height is a fundamental biological fact over which you have no control, but it may be influencing your destiny without your knowledge. The influence of the research on a number of variables, such as your sexual attractiveness, financial status, and life expectancy, was explored by BBC Future.

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