They received a diamond gift from their kids.

There may not be a duty whose requirements are more widely accepted, whose performance brings greater joy, or whose neglect is met with a harsher or more just punishment than filial piety. The unlucky youth who rejects parental demands is found guilty, punished, and reprobated before the international court, regardless of whether the nation is enslaved by barbarism or uplifted by science. A child who is exceedingly obedient, on the other hand, is a source of joy, admiration, and respect to everyone who has the chance to observe his behavior. He moves through society surrounded by a glory that is far more comfortable for him than fame, and he is a blessing to both his parents and himself. For that reason, I ask that you give the obligations listed in this chapter your full attention. Family responsibilities are reciprocal. How much do you owe your parents if they have to give you everything I’ve told them to? I represented you before them, and now I represent them in front of you. Think carefully about how you interact with your parents. You two have a natural bond since they are the foundation of your existence, which, as I’ve already said, appears to give them virtually total control over you. The bond’s universality and shared characteristics keep the mind from reflecting on its closeness, delicacy, and holiness. You are inextricably linked to your parents, and when you consider where you came from, you cannot help but be overwhelmed by the enormous and grave weight of duty you bear for them.

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