These are the things that women should be aware of

Being a woman may be difficult, to put it politely. Being expected to be all things to all people all the time—rough yet nurturing, sexual but not overly sensual, strong but also vulnerable—might become a bit much. There is nothing wrong with seeking help when you need it, but women can accomplish a lot of things on their own, thank you very much. Every woman would benefit from learning a few things, even though it’s acceptable to not be an expert at everything. When you become trapped on the side of the road for a more serious problem, it’s acceptable to call AAA for help, but you can handle a flat tire. Learn how to use a jack and store the spare tire in the trunk so you can drive yourself to the nearest repair facility. Shameless plug Visit Sweetn, the pioneering dating app for self-care. You can use it to find your ideal partner, understand your love life, and start the kind of relationship you deserve. When your lush mane clogs the shower drain, there is just one thing to do: draino. To clear up more challenging obstructions, you might need to be creative, but for straightforward issues, you shouldn’t need to keep the plumber on fast dial. Visit Sweetn, the first romantic-themed self-care company. Take their amusing and scientific questionnaire to get personalized insights, advice, and tools to help you make sense of your love life, find the right partner, and create the relationship you deserve. Throughout your college years, it’s fine to subsist on ramen and store-brand mac and cheese, but it’s time to grow up and begin creating healthy meals that don’t come from a box. It will be appreciated by your body.

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