Their lives unexpectedly changed over a year-long trek

Kal and her companions, their lives unexpectedly changed over a year-long journey. When the government abandoned its public regulatory duties and caved into the temptation of financial interests, reclaiming a portion of each and every condo block for the purpose of a commercial lease, the Housing Program started to veer into the domain of the ruthless speculators in the urban property.

When the city administration established itself at the head of the line and claimed the top floors of the condos, the program’s noble goal of helping low-income city people was partially surrendered. The initiative wasn’t started as a public business project for the administration. And because the government has so many urgent matters of governance to handle every day, it cannot afford to collect rent or manage commercial properties.

Multifaceted devastation was done. Starting out, the government set a poor example by getting involved in the race for Addis condos. Second, it decided to make the project profitable and turned the program into a business. It allowed the corrupting forces to enter through the back door.

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