Theatrical Art Legend Genet Nigatu Inagurated A New Foundation

Where is justice now? On the Seifu show were the artist Genet Negatu and her brother. Many visitors from other nations arrive in Ethiopia with the knowledge, resources, and desire to make a difference. They occasionally struggle to comprehend how things operate there, though. They are accustomed to adhering to rigid laws and ways of thinking, so it is challenging for them to adapt to Ethiopia’s innovative and out-of-the-box business practises.

We must build infrastructure, such as roads and buildings, and establish procedures that will enable people to perform their jobs more effectively. We can take note of China’s constructive methods. China rose to greatness by appreciating the value of its citizens’ education and work experiences abroad. They set up means for these individuals to return and use their expertise to support China. They urged Americans working for large corporations to learn a lot before going back to China to contribute to its development. But later, it was believed that this was spying. China became a significant player in the world in this way.

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