Theatre Legend Alemayehu Tadese’s Message To His Fans

Theatre is one kind of art where performers interact directly with the audience and express their emotions (such as despair, joy, and love) on stage. In front of their audience, they act out their part and get immediate feedback. With legends like Nobel Prize-winning author Tsegaye GebreMedhin and brilliant performers like Wogayehu Negatu, Ethiopian theater reached its pinnacle in the 1960s and early 1970s E.C. Many artists are credited for its resurgence in the 1990s thanks to a number of hit plays. It will be challenging to discuss the playwright and performer Alemayehu Tadesse at this point in Ethiopian theatre history without mentioning his name.

At City Hall, the Mega Amphitheater, and now the National Theatre, he was able to win over the hearts of the populace with his prodigious talent. He has had a great acting career, appearing in various radio plays and screen movies. He has been a professor at the Holy-Land Academy, a theater and acting school that he and his pals co-owned, for almost four years.

Recently, I spoke with artist Alemayehu Taddese and asked him about his work, his upbringing, entertainment, etc. Here is Alemayehu Taddese’s entire interview.

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