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Africa has a youthful labour force, according to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Dr.), which will help the continent grow into a major economic force in the world. The third Belt and Road Summit began with an address by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Dr.). during the prime minister’s speech. He claimed that economic and infrastructural development between China and Africa had advanced significantly.

The Prime Minister expressed gratitude for his cordial welcome in China. He made the point that, with its emphasis on development and security, globalization helps to create a society that shares a common future with this Belt and Road Forum, which links Asia, Europe, and Africa. Recall that since the Ming dynasty, China has maintained close ties with numerous African nations. He pointed out that the relationship is currently growing and strengthening in a manner that preserves sovereignty.

According to the prime minister, development and peace are two sides of the same coin. Furthermore, he emphasized the significance of these interconnected concepts for attaining sustainable development and upholding peace. He added that by merging capital development, technology, and expertise, the Belt and Road Forum is the largest cross-cutting infrastructure programme and is facilitating sustainable growth.

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