The world’s longest face

Most people just fall in love to receive the attention and acceptance they need each day. In actuality, they are madly in love with the idea of their spouse. Every time they speak to him or her, they converse more with the narrative running through their minds than with the other person.

You’ll never feel lonely if you can learn to be alone. Voyaging alone Travel by yourself. Alone in bed. Dining alone He sits alone in the dark. You’ll find true love in the hours and days you spend by yourself. And you won’t find it in someone who happens to cross your path; you’ll find it inside of yourself.

My grandfather’s passing away was traumatic. It hurt when I realized “This is not it” after receiving my Master’s in Physics. It was hard the day I moved home with my parents because I didn’t know what to do with my life. The first section of that tale is titled “My Past.” There isn’t a shred of truth in anything that happened in “My Past” that could help me figure out who I am and what to do next. The second installment of that narrative is titled “My Future.”

Does “My Future” reveal who I will be with, where I will live if I am happy, whether I will have a family if my marriage continues, and if “My Life” will be successful?

I’m not sure, though. I don’t feel anxious, afraid, or under pressure to figure it all out like most people my age do. Why? because it doesn’t matter what the tale is about. It doesn’t matter if “My Life” appears as attractive on Facebook as everyone else’s.

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