The woman who made a live marriage proposal and the reaction

As she turned 52 this week, tennis legend Steffi Graf received hundreds of birthday wishes from admirers around the globe. Among the posts praising her illustrious career, one particular video stuck out: the moment Steffi Graf accepted a marriage proposal on the court. Steffi Graf received a legendary marriage proposal in 1996 while she was about to play. Kimiko Date and Steffi Graf were playing in the Wimbledon women’s singles semifinal match.
A spectator shouted, “Steffi, will you marry me,” as Ms. Graf was getting ready to serve.

Even Steffi Graf could hardly contain her smile as the arena burst into laughter. After a brief pause, she made a humorous comeback that has since become legendary in Wimbledon history. She questioned the fan, who was still laughing, “How much money do you have?”

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