The Unseen Life Style Of Legendary Journalist Enatfanta Wube

If you enjoy studying and have decent writing skills, a career in journalism may be a good fit for you. This line of work is challenging for the faint of heart, but it’s also never dull. You will always be able to find a lead to follow if you pursue a career in journalism, and those leads can take you on some exciting adventures. Many individuals have unrealistic ideas of what journalism is like. They witness a reporter chasing an ambulance or making their way to the crime site while holding a pencil behind their ear. Trauma, adversity, and poverty have a greater emotional impact on resilient people.

Resilient people use their strengths, talents, and abilities to go beyond challenges and bounce back from setbacks. People who lack resilience are more likely to rely on unhealthy coping strategies, such as avoidance, isolation, and self-medication, since they are more likely to feel overwhelmed or powerless. One study found that resilience scale scores of patients who had attempted suicide were significantly lower than those of people who had never attempted suicide. Resilient people frequently experience stress, setbacks, and difficult emotions, but they are able to get through it by utilising their resources and the help of others around them. When someone is resilient, they are better able to accept and adjust to a situation and move on.

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