The Unbelivable Cost Of The Most Expensive Local Wedding Cermony

Any Ethiopian is aware of the value of wedding photographs and the significance our culture has placed on them. A separate car will be readied for the person in charge and his teammates so they can start as soon as possible.

As a result, the film crew will risk their lives by peering out the window while traveling there to record every movement made by the cars transporting the bride and groom. The bride and groom will now kiss their knees in gratitude to those who have reared and cared for them while the elders bestow blessings and well wishes on them.

Everyone will get out of the automobile and walk to the designated spot when the car stops at the location of the described adorable sights. The bride and groom will begin posing for the camera, swapping poses in response to each camera click or cry. Before everyone once more climbs back into their cars to move on to the next stage of the Ethiopian wedding event, everyone and everything will be shot and made into an eternal memory in the shape of paper.

At the conclusion of each chorus performed, all participants in the celebration will begin to start honking their automobile horns and clicking their tongues against the upper part of their mouth in the elelta. Any bystander who sees the adorned automobiles or hears their commotion from a distance will stop by the sidelines and wish them well while giving a subtly Ethiopian wave to the camera!

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