The Unbelievable Life Style Of Former Film Actor Kaleb Waleleign

Kaleb Walelign, a well-known artist from Ethiopia, is on Maraki Weg. the secretive way of life of the artist Kaleb Walelign. However, Chinese manufacturers are now producing counterfeit dresses that are less expensive by printing Tibetan patterns on the dresses, which infuriates many in the business and consumers. Owner of Yarrow Hand Woven Design Marta Debouch believes that it is improper for a Chinese manufacturer to reproduce her Ethiopian Habesha dress.

“They are stealing the culture that we have brought with us over the years by fabricating fake or artificial Ethiopian traditional costumes,” she told reporters, adding that the government should take action. He also said that something needed to be done. “It’s not about money or business, but when other nations begin producing our own handmade, traditional clothing, it undermines Ethiopia’s favourable reputation in general. It cost $8 to receive.

And they claim that because Habesha’s dress designs are so expensive for local shops, the government must find a way to prevent theft of them. Similar annoyances can be found in other Habesha clothing stores in Shiromeda. Some people, like Biruk, a dress shop employee at Kiyab Habesha, think that hand-made traditional dresses are more popular than fake Chinese dresses.

It did, however, first appear on the market. The market has not been significantly affected because of how people currently perceive fake clothing in comparison to real clothing. However, Chinese businesses have improved and produced more comparable materials. Customers may still be confused as a result.

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