The two siblings that are aging to fast

despite the fact that there are only 155 known cases of progeria in the world, a brother and sister both suffer from the disease, which causes them to age prematurely. Michiel and Amber Vandeweert are siblings who suffer from progeria, a genetic illness marked by symptoms of rapid and premature aging. Patients with progeria have extremely low life expectancies and most do not complete their adolescent years. They also have issues with their bones, teeth, and hair growth. The amazing Belgian siblings Michiel, 20, and Amber, 12, have defied all odds up to this moment and show no signs of slowing down. Despite this, they continue to live their best lives together. Michiel, a daredevil who is only 4 feet 1 inches tall, enjoys snowboarding and Go Karting races. Amber, who is 3 feet 7 inches tall and characterizes herself as lively, loves to dance very much. When Michiel was born, physicians told the Vandeweert family that it was almost impossible for them to have a second child who also had the disease, so when Amber was diagnosed eight years after her brother, everyone was in disbelief. Nobody anticipated the siblings being in this situation, but they are nonetheless appreciative that their biggest support is each other today.

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