The two riches Ethiopian meet in person

I was taken aback that they traveled all the way from Norway to meet me, athlete Kenenisa Bekele. For his invasion and conquest of Yemen in southern Arabia, King Kaleb of Axum (520 c.), also known by the name Ella Asbeha/Atsbeha of his reign, is well remembered.

Due of Yusuf Asar Yathar’s harsh persecution of Christians, King Kaleb is thought to have launched an attack against him. Approximately 60 ships are said to have been chartered by King Kaleb from ports managed by the Byzantines in the Erythrean Sea, or the modern-day Red Sea. The sixteenth-century Cardinal Cesare Baronio gave him the name Saint Elesbaan in honor of his willingness to protect Christians.

He was also known by the Greeks as Hellesthaeus, which roughly translates to “the alone who adds about the morning or the only who collects tribute.”

Gudit, Gwedit, Yodit, or Judith, Queen (perhaps in the tenth century A.D.), also known as ‘Esato in Amharic and as Ga’Ewa in Teltal, rose to prominence as a rebel leader and is credited with bringing about the fall of the historical Aksumite Empire.

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