The Travels of Biruk Mulugeta on the Balageru Idol

The journey of the adolescent Biruk Mulugeta on Balageru meirt 2022. At the occasion, a panel discussion on the value and influence of storytelling for change was held. The fact that the festival was being staged for the first time in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia—a nation with innumerable undiscovered stories—emphasized its significance even more. Any ambitious filmmaker must take part in film festivals. The opportunity to screen among colleagues from around the country and around the world, frequently students and recent graduates just starting their film careers, as well as more seasoned filmmakers, is provided by being accepted into a film festival.
This festival may have been the first of its kind, but the untapped ability of young people to express themselves via film will undoubtedly lead to the emergence of other occasions similar to it. Whether on a local or global basis, storytellers like Kirubel have so much to share and so much to illuminate. It’s encouraging to consider that I may express myself through a collection of events that are recorded using the same device that I use to call and text. I would love to compete in one of these contests someday,” Tiyobista added, looking forward to the future. With the availability of cutting-edge tools like smartphone cameras and editing software, filmmakers can forgo the conventional production gatekeepers while still creating films of the highest caliber. merit

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