The story of an Ethiopian mother and her family

An Ethiopian mother and her family’s terrible tale. The WHO has declared it is working to come up with a new name for the virus and sickness as a reaction to allegations that the name used for the virus is stigmatizing and discriminatory.

According to the WHO, as of last week, 3,413 confirmed cases and one fatality had been reported in 50 countries worldwide since the start of 2022.

The incubation period for monkeypox is five to twenty-one days. If a patient is infected with the virus, they go through two cycles. The initial phase, also known as the invasion phase, is marked by fever, severe headaches, lymph node swelling, back discomfort, and a lack of energy. According to a WHO fact page, the second stage, which includes the skin eruption, usually starts one to three days after the fever starts.

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