The Runaway Groom Told His Amazing Story

It was decided that I would wed the bride because my brother had fled his wedding on the day before. Now, though, I was informed by neighbours that he would visit her and spend the night with her while I was away. At each Addis shopping centre these days, local businesses are holding fairs. Salem’s Ethiopian store is one of the companies attempting to elevate Addis to the forefront of the global retail landscape.

Fair question from Salem Kassahun in Addis Abeba’s Salem’s Ethiopia. “I frequently advise using wicker containers for injera bread on the off chance that you are wealthy. In the unlikely event that you’re a penniless person, you too employ it for the same purpose. Therefore, everyone in Ethiopia employs these practical brands. They are used in both our rooms and our kitchens. The difference between now and then is that we are sharing it with the entire globe,” explains Salem Kassahun, the shop’s co-owner and accomplished architect. By collaborating closely with Ethiopian weavers and artisans, Salem’s Ethiopia has developed an advertisement for Ethiopian material goods in Addis and throughout the world by using materials as the voice of social expression. Each intricately woven basket, piece of traditional jewellery, or beautifully put-together diamond contains an Ethiopian tale that connects the makers. Salem’s passion has always been creating Ethiopian jewellery.

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