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The Relationship Between Your Personality And Your Sleeping Position

Have you ever pondered what your preferred sleeping position can reveal about your character? How are you feeling? The best ways to sleep, as well as what your sleeping style indicates about you, are discussed here by specialists. You may learn a lot about your personality and thoughts through your body language. You’ll be shocked to learn that even while you’re asleep, your body is still communicating.

Given that most people spend six or more hours a day sleeping, according to David Greuner, MD, FACS, FICS of NYC Surgical Associates, “your sleeping position naturally reveals a lot about you.” And by that, Dr. Gruener means both your physical well-being and personality. Even the greatest mattress can have an impact on your health, says Michelle Robin, DC. “It takes a toll,” she says, “one that is not only physical, but also mental and energetic, if you stay in a position for hours at a time that kinks your neck, numbs your arm, or hurts your hip.” The good news is that we may also adjust our sleeping positions to maximise the health advantages of our time spent in bed.

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