The Missing Housemaid Found By Policeman Hiding In Local Hotel Room

As children are the foundation of the generation, he said, “There are few children’s book authors, and they publish multiple books a year. That is a segment on which society needs to focus more.” “Authors will receive an immediate payment and 40% to 50% shares of the profit,” he said. “They shouldn’t wait until all the books have been sold; instead, they should be paid as soon as their idea has been sold.

I’m hoping that our discussions with Book World about being our printing partner for this year’s award will be successful. Prior to beginning Hohe the North Eastern Marketing conducted research on the viability and efficacy of prior awards and extracted the relevant lessons from them. Zelalam claimed that the Emperor Haileselase Award could change an author’s life. He told Capital, “We are committed to making the award sustainable and attractive despite all the challenges. “Our company is hosting the event even though it will cost money, but it will be successful in fostering the literature community. At the first Hohe Award session last year, Adam Reta’s book Yesenebet Kelemat, Abere Ayalew’s collection of poems Fird ena Ird, and Asres Bekel’s Yebeza Buchela all took home first place honours in the first category for long fiction.

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